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Posthouse, C/O Main & Posthouse St. Bryanston Next Bryanston Post Office, Behind Caltex Garage.

Tel (011) 463-2737 Mobile 073 305-5383

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Easy way to satisfy gourmet and health at the same moment. For those would like to experience rare and extraordinary taste for yourself, we would gladly offer the menu of ours. Please look through Our menu to be informed about our specialties as well as About Ninjing to see how our restaurant has been ran. Details for you to approach Ninjing Korean Japanese Restaurant are mentioned at Contact us.

Our menu is distinctly Japanese, but contains dishes well suited to the western taste. 

Should you find our sashimi or sushi a tad rare, try our golden-grilled salmon or perhaps one of our scrumtious seafood salads.

For a peek at our menu, select the 'menu' butt-on to the top.

The menu features the finest Japanese dishes, both traditional and contemporary, 

including a wonderful selection of appetizers, sushi, teriyaki and more.
For your next special occasion or private affair, join us here for exquisite cuisine and superior service.